Certified and with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, I can proudly say that it is not only a field that I’m passionate about, but which has also given me a strong expertise in order to offer today, my advice and consulting services.

Whether by welcoming customers in the Dominican Republic for several years, or in operations in offices, trains and airports, as a flight attendant, in sales management in the most prestigious hotels here in Quebec, or as a purchase director and negotiating with thousands of partners in the country, this allowed me to touch on several sectors. Either revenue management, strategy, development, marketing, crisis management at destination or before departure, but above all to acquire all the skills necessary to offer you my support.


Having a very strong interest in holistic health, psychology and personal growth from a very young age, I have done several training courses in yoga, mindfulness, Ayurveda and personal development, which allow me to fully understand this environment and the needs of each individual, integrating and practicing many of these tools in my daily routine. I also organize several yoga and wellness retreats each year.


let's create transformative experiences and moments.

I am a passionate, creative woman, not afraid to take the lead, with lots of ambition and energy.

My goal here is to connect and bring these two spheres together, by helping professionals and companies from each environment to develop their services, in order to provide the most rejuvenating and memorable experiences to this beautiful community.